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Simplicity and Versatility

Prima Plus™

Stability Evolved

Immediate placement and function for 

demanding clinical procedures. 

The Power of One

Excellent Strength & Stability

Prima Plus™ implants feature a patented six-lobed connection providing symmetrical load distribution to stimulate bone, a conical seal to shift bacteria away from the bone and  eliminate micro-movements.

Streamlined Placement

Clear markings and color coding allow for easy surgical flow, while a single, well-organized surgical kit accommodates immediate placement and temporization. 

Natural Aesthetics

Prima Plus™ abutments offer consistent contours and scalloped margins designed to preserve soft tissue aesthetics and maintain crestal bone.

Prima Plus Guided Surgery

Introduction & Case Review

Prima Plus™ Guided Surgical Library Information

We are happy to announce the Prima Plus Implant and Prima Plus Guided Surgical Kit can be utilized in conjunction with 3Shape Implant Studio software.

We are working closely with additional implant planning software companies and will notify you as more pass our validation process and are uploaded with the Prima Plus Implant library.

Smarter Thinking. Simpler Design.

Bone Membrane and Wound Dressing / Sutures

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