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Int Hex SP Single Unit Abutment 1mm | K3

Please contact Customer Service for more information: 781-328-3490

SKU: 41-70051


- The Single-Unit Abutment is connected to the implant immediately after implant placement or implant uncovering. The single-unit abutment’s size is chosen according to the gingival height. Once connected, the single-unit abutment and the implant function as one integrated unit (One Abutment - One Time) - All the prosthetic steps are carried out at tissue level. This is a significant advantage both to patient and dentist. - The concave profile of the single-unit abutment enables maturation of the soft tissue in a thicker and stable form. - As the single-unit abutment is a solid piece (no screw hole), it eliminates penetration of any bacteria and other contaminants to the implant-abutment interface.

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