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Genesis Implant

Immediate Placement & Long-Term Aesthetics

  • Dual-thread design for immediate placement in an extraction socket
  • Anatite? pink surface provides a natural hue through the peri-implant mucosa
  • Internal TiLobe?connection ensures a tight conical seal and incorporates ?platform switching?
Stabilizing Dual-Thread Design

Micro-threads minimize pressure on the cortical bone, while aggressive macro threads offer primary mechanical stability, especially in soft bone?providing optimal insertion torque and immediate function in all bone types.

Bone-Like Biomimetic Surface

The BioSpark? proprietary anodic spark deposition (ASD) process produces a charged macro?micro?nano textured surface that mimics the chemical composition and structure of natural bone.

Natural Long-Term Aesthetics

The dark gray shadow of traditional titanium implants are no longer a concern with the AnaTite? pink surface, featuring a natural, uniformly pink hue that closely resembles the peri-implant mucosa.

Designed for Immediate Function

Primary Stability

  • Micro-threads minimize pressure on the cortical bone while providing primary stability
  • Aggressive macro-threads offer initial mechanical stability, especially in soft bone
  • Apical cutting flutes create space and release pressure during insertion
  • Anchor flute design further secures implant by providing resistance to reverse torque

Secondary Stability

The Biomimetic surface of Genesis mimics the chemistry of bone(1)?

  • BioSpark?, a proprietary anodic spark deposition (ASD) process, produces a charged macro?micro?nano textured surface
  • The hydrophilic surface is enriched with charged calcium and phosphorous ions to stimulate cellular metabolic activity and osteoblast proliferation(4,5)
  • The implant surface design is similar to natural bone, helping stimulate early fibronectin absorption while enhancing adhesion, proliferation, and differentiation of osteoblasts6
  • The BioSpark surface facilitates faster osseointegration as compared to macro?micro textured titanium surfaces(2,3)

*As demonstrated in a sheep model and in vitro studies

The Keystone Arch

Immediate Placement

  • Aggressive threads allow for temporary restoration to be placed immediately
  • 17? & 30? angled multi-unit abutments simplify full arch restorations
  • Wide molar posterior implants for a complete molar-to-molar fixed restoration
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