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Genesis Surgical Cassette

Immediate Placement Long-Term Aesthetics
li Dual-thread design for immediate placement in an extraction socket
li AnaTiteª pink surface provides a natural hue through the peri-implant mucosa
li Internal TiLobesupª/supconnection ensures a tight conical seal and incorporates platform switching
brStabilizing Dual-Thread Designbr
Micro-threads minimize pressure on the cortical bone, while aggressive macro threads offer primary mechanical stability, especially in soft bone-providing optimal insertion torque and immediate function in all bone types.
brBone-Like Biomimetic SurfacebrThe BioSparkª proprietary anodic spark deposition (ASD) process produces a charged macro-micro-nano textured surface that mimics the chemical composition and structure of natural bone.
brNatural Long-Term AestheticsbrThe dark gray shadow of traditional titanium implants are no longer a concern with theÊAnaTiteª pink surface, featuring a natural, uniformly pink hue that closely resembles the peri-implant mucosa.
h3brDesigned for Immediate Function/h3
Primary Stability
li Micro-threads minimize pressure on the cortical bone while providing primary stability
liAggressive macro-threads offer initial mechanical stability, especially in soft bone
liApical cutting flutes create space and release pressure during insertion
liAnchor flute design further secures implant by providing resistance to reverse torque
Secondary Stability
The Biomimetic surface of Genesis mimics the chemistry of bonesup1/sup
li BioSparkª, a proprietary anodic spark deposition (ASD) process, produces a charged macro-micro-nano textured surface
li The hydrophilic surface is enriched with charged calcium and phosphorous ions to stimulate cellular metabolic activity and osteoblast proliferationsup4,5/sup
li The implant surface design is similar to natural bone, helping stimulate early fibronectin absorption while enhancing adhesion, proliferation, and differentiation of osteoblastssup6/sup
li The BioSparkª surface facilitates faster osseointegration as compared to macro?micro textured titanium surfacessup2,3/sup
*As demonstrated in a sheep model and in vitro studies
h3brThe Keystone Arch/h3
Immediate Placement
li Aggressive threads allow for temporary restoration to be placed immediately
li 17¡ 30¡ angled multi-unit abutments simplify full arch restorations
li Wide molar posterior implants for a complete molar-to-molar fixed restoration
liLe Gu Hennec L, Soueidan A, Layrolle P, Amouriq Y. Surface Treatments of Titanium Dental Implants for Rapid Osseointegration. emDent Mater/em. 2007 Jul;23(7):844-54. Epub 2006 Aug 14.
liGiavaresi G, Chiesa R, Fini M, Sandrini E. Effect of a Multiphasic Anodic Spark Deposition Coating on the Improvement of Implant Osseointegration in the Osteopenic Trabecular Bone of Sheep. emInt J Oral Maxillofac Implants/em. 2008 Jul-Aug;23(4):659-68.
liGiavaresi G, Fini M, Chiesa R, Giordano C, Sandrini E, Bianchi AE, Ceribelli P, Giardino R. A Novel Multiphasic Anodic Spark Deposition Coating for the Improvement of Orthopedic ?Implant Osseointegration: An Experimental Study in the Cortical Bone of Sheep. emJ Biomed Mater Res A/em. 2008 Jun 15;85(4):1022-31.
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