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Mineralized Allograft Particulate

The Natural Choice for Healthy Bone Growth

  • Available in mineralized cortical, cancellous, and 80:20 cortical/cancellous mix formulations
  • Packs well into any shape defect for surgical flexibility
  • Rehydrates for use alone or as a bone graft extender
  • Scaffold maintains space and volume of the defect site
  • Provides osteoconductive scaffold to encourage the attachment of osteogenic precursor cells
  • Gradual resorption and replacement with patient’s own bone 
  • Conveniently stored at ambient temperature

Preserving & Protecting Tissue Integrity

DynaCore® utilizes a validated, improved tissue cleaning technology for processing bone tissue. This process provides safe, high-quality allograft bone and was developed through rigorous testing to ensure that the mechanical, biological or clinical performance of the tissue was not compromised.

The ATP process employed by DynaCore®, yields a safe, allograft, validated to maintain the natural function of allograft bone.

Rigorous tissue inspection complies with all tissue banking regulations as required by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and standards as required by  the American Association of Tissue Banking (AATB)

Employs latest technologies (Nucleic Acid Testing) to conduct serological test on all donor 

High standards in donor selection (e.g. age restrictions, no cancer patients)

Each lot of bone is obtained from a single donor and is not processed or pooled with other donors

Aseptically processed & preserved by freeze drying; packaged and terminally sterilized utilizing low dose irradiation

Five-year shelf life  

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