Innovation Meets Aesthetics

The GENESIS ACTIVE™ Implant System, a state-of-the-art surgical solution with a comprehensive, highly innovative restorative portfolio, is backed by over a decade of science.

Advanced Biological System

Proven Cutting-edge Surface Treatments
AnaTite™ is a gradual pink anodization process on the coronal aspect designed to emulate the hue of natural soft tissue. The BioSpark™ surface covers the remainder of the implant body, promoting bone growth and fast osseointegration, making it beneficial for immediate load protocols.

Secure Implant to Abutment Interface
The conical connection creates a seal against bacteria while offering high mechanical strength and platform switching to optimize bone preservation and healthy soft-tissue.

Innovation for Long-Term Aesthetics
The unique restorative options facilitate enhanced flexibility combined with pink concave emergence profiles, which improves soft-tissue aesthetics and volume.

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Innovation Meets Aesthetics


GENESIS ACTIVE™ Surgical Manual

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