Advanced Technology
Engineered with expanding elements and designed for enhanced retention in single-unit restorations.
The TI-LOBE TITE™ abutment elements, in combination with a unqiuely designed abutment screw, expands upon insertion of the TI-LOBE TITE™ Final Abutment Screw to achieve a tight and secure connection using the existing TiLobe® Prosthetic Driver.

It is designed for the TiLobe® connection, which has over a decade of restorative predictability and provides unlimited analog and digital flexibility. The predictable conical seal minimizes the microgap between implant and abutment, maintaining bone and soft tissue health. The rounded six-lobe design provides even-load distribution and solid anti-rotation mechanism, while the built-in platform shift across all diameters, stabilizies bone and soft tissue.