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The Genius of Nature


The Biomimetic Implant System™


Innovative anodization process mimics the hues and surface topography of biological peri-implant mucosa.


Produces the macro-micro-nano textures of natural bone for enhanced osseointegration.

The Predictability of Genesis

Leading Natural, Long-Term Aesthetics

An independent study conducted through the Harvard School of Dental Medicine shows light pink produces colors of per-implant mucosa with the hue, purity, and lightness most similar to that of a natural tooth.

Adapted from: Ishikawa-Nagai S, DaSilva JD, Weber HP, Park SE. Optical phenomenon of peri-implant soft tissue. Part II. Preferred implant neck color to improve soft tissue esthetics. Clin Oral Impl Res 18;2007:575-580.** Keystone Dental data on file, 2010. Courtesy: Dr N Bittner, Asst. Prof., Columbia UCDM

Genesis Guided Surgical Library Information

We are happy to announce the Genesis Implant and Genesis Guided Surgical Kit can be utilized in conjunction with 3Shape Implant Studio software.

We are working closely with additional implant planning software companies and will notify you as more pass our validation process and are uploaded with the Genesis Implant library.

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