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The Genius of Nature


The Biomimetic Implant System™


Innovative anodization process mimics the hues and surface topography of biological peri-implant mucosa.


Produces the macro-micro-nano textures of natural bone for enhanced osseointegration.

The Predictability of Genesis

Leading Natural, Long-Term Aesthetics

An independent study conducted through the Harvard School of Dental Medicine shows light pink produces colors of per-implant mucosa with the hue, purity, and lightness most similar to that of a natural tooth.

Adapted from: Ishikawa-Nagai S, DaSilva JD, Weber HP, Park SE. Optical phenomenon of peri-implant soft tissue. Part II. Preferred implant neck color to improve soft tissue esthetics. Clin Oral Impl Res 18;2007:575-580.** Keystone Dental data on file, 2010. Courtesy: Dr N Bittner, Asst. Prof., Columbia UCDM

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