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Technology for High Quality 

Regenerative Solutions


Biphasic Synthetic Bone Graft

  • Homogenous distribution of 60% HA (Hydroxyapatite) and40% ß-TCP (ßeta-TriCalcium Phosphate) crystalline structure
  • 100% regeneration into a new lamellar or haversian bone
  • New vascularized, mineralized and architectural bone
  • Available in .05 – 1.0 mm / 1.0 – 2.0 mm granule sizes


Moldable Synthetic Bone Graft

  • Built on the MBCP technology. Combination of MBCP granules –Hydroxyapatite (HA), ßeta Tri-Calcium Phosphate (ß-TCP) – in ahydrogel carrier
  • Ready to use
  • Biocompatible and absorbable

Cytoplast® Titanium Reinforced, 

Textured & GBR Membranes

Non-Resorbable PTFE Membranes

  • Non–resorbable 100% dense (non-expanded)PTFE membrane creates a soft tissue barrier aslong as needed
  • Soft tissue attaches to the membrane while nosoft tissue can grow though the membrane

Cytoplast® Sutures

Non-Resorbable, Monofilament

  • 100% medical grade PTFE that is biologically inert
  • Monofilament design prevents bacteria wicking
  • Soft texture for patient comfort• Reduced “package memory” for excellent handlingand knot security

Glycolon™ Sutures & Micro Sutures

Resorbable, Monofilament

  • PGA - PCL copolymer (polyglycolic acid andpolycaprolactone)
  • Monofilament construction prevents bacterialwicking into surgical sites
  • Maintains 50% tensile strength for 11 - 13 days (in Vivo date on file)

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