Spongeous Bone Substitute with Collagen
OCS-B® Collagen consists of OCS-B® cancellous bovine bone granules with the addition of 10% highly purified Type I collagen derived from porcine.
OsteoConductive Substitute-Bovine
A Natural Bone Mineral of pure cancellous hydroxyapatite derived from Bovine Bone by a specific chemical and thermal process.
Stronger Tissue Sooner. DynaMatrix® offers a 3-dimensional scaffold important for host tissue remodeling, while its signaling proteins within the membrane, stimulate the natural healing process and facilitate soft tissue healing.
RTM Collagen Membrane
Cytoplast™ RTM Collagen combines optimized handling, a long-lasting resorption rate, high tensile strength and reasonable price to make it one of the most popular membranes on the market.
RTM Collagen Plug, Tape and Foam
Cytoplast™ RTMPlug, RTMTape, and RTMFoam absorbable wound dressing consist of highly purified collagen that is derived from bovine tissue of United States origin.